Joe's Brush Set 2 for Procreate

Joe Lillington
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My second brush set contains 16 watercolour and gouache brushes for Procreate that I use everyday in my professional illustration work.

The brushes are designed to give a natural painterly feel to work created digitally. The set takes advantage of Procreate's pressure and tilt sensitivity when used with the Apple Pencil. 

I love seeing what people create with the brushes so if you tag posts using this set or any of my others as #joesbrushset I’ll repost or retweet when I can!

See more examples of my work created with the set at and @josephlill on instagram.

If you find your iPad screen too smooth to draw on try these tips for the Apple Pencil, I have a set myself which I use when I need to! I'm an affiliate of Pen.Tips so if you use this link I get a % from them - Thank you!

The set contains:

New Tilting Dry Brush

Flat Wet Brush

Fine Dry Brush

Square Dry Liner

Square Dry Liner Opacity

Watercolour Rough Edge

Watercolour Tilt

Watercolour Block

Gouache Opacity

Chunky Gouache Opacity

Thick Gouache Streaky

Thick Gouache Dry

Thick Gouache Scrubby

Very Dry

Very Dry Streaks

Add Grain

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