Joe's Brush Set 4 for Procreate

Joe Lillington
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My fourth brush set contains 47 brushes for Procreate that I use everyday in my professional illustration work. 

This set is my biggest yet and so I’ve slightly upped the price to reflect the number of brushes in the set.

The brushes are designed to give a natural feel to work created digitally. The set takes advantage of Procreate's pressure and tilt sensitivity when used with the Apple Pencil. 

This new set is separated into two Procreate brush sets to make it easier to manage and find the brush you’re looking for. I think these brushes are my best ever, with each one fully taking advantage of the tilt sensitivity, alongside pressure control, of the Apple Pencil to create a super responsive and natural feel.

The Dry set contains my newest pencil brush as well as some really fun ink brush pens and charcoal style brushes.

The Wet set contains a new batch of watercolour style brushes with a range of textures and edges, as well as a selection of dry brushes for adding extra texture.

In this set I’ve put a ⭐️ on some of my favourite brushes within Procreate. I would love to hear which you enjoy using!

I love seeing what people create with the brushes so if you tag posts using this set or any of my others as #joesbrushset I’ll repost or retweet when I can!

See more examples of my work created with the set at and @josephlill on instagram. 

If you find your iPad screen too smooth to draw on try these tips for the Apple Pencil, I have a set myself which I use when I need to! I'm an affiliate of Pen.Tips so if you use this link I get a % from them - Thank you!

The set contains:


Blocky Washy


New Pencil 2

Dense Line Brush Pen Thin

Dense Line Brush Pen

Dense Line Brush Pen Larger Grain

Dense Line Brush Pen Opacity

Oily Pencil

Nice Edge Solid

Nice Edge Solid Rougher

Nice Edge Opacity

Nice Edge Scratchy

Nice Edge Big Grit

Smooth Pen Round

New Rounded Charcoal

Willow Charcoal

Thick Charcoal Clean Edge

Mottle Charcoal

Mottle Charcoal Super Soft

Mottle Charcoal Super Soft Grit

Softy Charcoal Round

Softy Charcoal Square 


Nice All Round Watercolour

Nice All Round Watercolour Grain

Thick Grain

Thick Solid

Thin Detail Tip

Thin Detail Tip Opacity

Dark Watercolour Streaky Round

Dark Watercolour Wet

Dark Watercolour Wet Bleed

Dark Watercolour Gritty Round

Soft Wash Grainy Soft Edge

Soft Wash Grainy

Soft Wash Round

Soft Round Smudgy

Soft Round Wet Edge

New Watercolour Round

New Watercolour Square

New Watercolour Mottle Round

New Watercolour Mottle Square

Watercolour Smudgy Square

Dry Brush Square

Dry Brush Round

Dry Brush Extra Soft

Dry Brush Soft Round

Dry Brush Scrubby Thin

Dry Brush Extra Dry

Dry Brush Streaks

I want this!


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